Pluralism Award

Pluralism is the core value for peaceful co-existence of the ethnic, religious, and cultural communities throughout the world. However, different societies understand pluralism differently as per their societal and everyday experiences. What does ‘pluralism’ mean to you? We would like to understand your idea of ‘pluralism’.

The Pluralism Award provides you an opportunity to contribute your unique idea/interpretation of pluralism and enrich the broader perspectives around the understanding of pluralism.  We are calling out for your contributions!  These contributions can be done in the form of an essay, poem, artwork, photograph, or any other written format.  The best entries will be rewarded with a prize of USD 200, in addition to having their unique idea shared to a wider audience through our website.


Choose a theme/question from the list below. Provide answers as per your understanding. Extensive engagement with the literature is not required. Give examples where relevant.

  • In what ways do you encounter pluralism in your daily lives? Explain with the help of examples.

  • By engaging with examples from your local, societal, and/or national context, why do you think pluralism is important for you and the people around you?

  • In the context of your country, is pluralism promoted? Yes/no, how?

  • How can pluralism strengthen peace and harmony in society?

  • Discuss lessons from your experiences that can help to bridge gaps between ethnic, and religious divide.

  • What are the challenges to inclusivity and pluralism in your view?

Participation Rules

Rules for participation for the Pluralism Award are:

  • Only one entry can be submitted per participant.

  • Submission can be made in the form of an essay, poem, artwork, photograph, or any written format.

  • The word limit for written submission is 800-1000 words (maximum)

  • Visual/Art submission: only 1 picture/drawing/painting/piece/collage (or any other form) can be submitted

  • All text should be written in the English language. Avoid using national/local/regional languages. If it is important to use local words/terms, please provide correct English translation.

Participation Criteria

Participants may submit their entry, if they meet the criteria below:

  • Country of residence/nationality: India, Pakistan or Bangladesh

  • Age: 15 years onwards (no upper limit)


    • All submissions should be made via email on (

    • Title of email/submission should be Pluralism Scholarship and Participant’s Full Name (example: Pluralism Scholarship-Reta Kumari).

    • Mention your name on each submission and on email. Format for name: First Name-Middle Name-Last Name. Example John (first name) Smith (second name) Watson (last name).

    • Mention your Date of Birth in the body of the email.

    • Mention name your current educational or professional organization.

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