To support the development of pluralism in Canada and internationally by engaging young people and others in society in ways through which they can seek to uphold the value of pluralism.


To contribute to the development of a more peaceful world in which individuals in society live with a cosmopolitan ethos—cherishing their cultural and faith heritage—while also fostering bonds of goodness, respect and compassion amongst their fellow human beings.

Raison d'etre

As globalization and the advancement of technological innovations and social media continue to facilitate greater interactions amongst peoples both within and across national contexts, it is imperative that these interactions become sources of strengthening rather than weakening of societies. In order to support such outcomes, our organization seeks to foster, uphold and promote the value of pluralism--engagement through which peoples of diverse faith and cultural backgrounds can seek to contribute to a more peaceful world. We recognize that the understanding of and respect for peoples of diverse backgrounds is of fundamental importance not only for global harmony but also, for our very survival.


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